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The Canadian Finance and Leasing Association
David Powell, President and Chief Executive Officer

"Murray Derraugh and Hugh Swandel were instrumental in helping the Canadian Finance and Leasing Association develop Canadian Lease Education On-line (CLEO), a unique and innovative Webinar-based teaching program covering all facets of the basics of leasing in Canada.  From helping us find sources for the essential content, to writing/adapting/editing core texts, scripts and examinations, finding instructors, and teaching sessions, they were there every step of the way.  It is hard to know how we could have done it without them."

Rockwell Pacific – Ted Holmes, President

"Our portfolio has remained strong from day one always meeting or exceeding our benchmarks of yield and performance. What appears to have been the strength behind the decision to move into direct lending was the strength behind the Credit Policy and procedures you assisted with from day one. Except for modifications … we have never wavered from this document, it is effectively our bible, our check list and we seldom waiver from it. Consequently I can say in all honesty we have never written off or lost a penny as a result of a default, collection, or a matter associated to contract enforcement. Will this stand true today? We'll see, but without a doubt the carnage will be much less given the adherence to this document."

Premier Lease & Loan Services – Jina Clark, Manager, Product & Operations Support

pdf icon"This project was made a lot easier by working with professionals who understand leasing, how to maximize learning through proper design, and how to manage large projects to ensure that milestones are met."

Lease Team Software – Randy Haug, Senior Vice President and Co-founder

"I have worked with Hugh and his team (Murray) on many projects in both the US and Canada. Hugh is a "thought leader" in equipment finance operations, and his expertise covers the life cycle of equipment leasing from best practice approach in sales originations, credit , documentation, syndication, funding and portfolio management and collections. Hugh also has helped many lessors in developing a balance sheet, and to make the move from brokering to a broker / lessor business model, and knows all the steps required to do so successfully.

I serve with Hugh on the NEFA, National Equipment Finance Assoication, and he brings great expertise and insight to our discussions, because of his broad experience in the equipment finance business channel. I recommend Hugh and his team highly."

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Irwin Commercial Finance

Premier Lease and Loan



Chesswood Income Fund

Hitachi Capital America

Maxium Financial



Canadian Finance and Leasing Association

Summit Credit

United Association of Equipment Leasing

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